Hey, Man! What's Your Purpose?

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Fellas, have you ever wondered why you were put on this earth? Do you contemplate about your purpose and question if you are fulfilling what you were created to do? If you think about what your legacy will be and how you can create a healthier balance in life, this book is for you!

Hey, Man! What's Your Purpose? is for men who may be struggling with their career, spirituality, and family. While it isn't a manual for manhood, it will enlighten and encourage men to reconnect to their purpose.

After five years of questioning accomplished men, the common theme of a balanced life appeared. A pattern of feeling disconnected and distracted from life and their purpose emerged. Studying it further, Alastair discovered that there are two parts of your purpose – a divine purpose and an earthly purpose.

In this book, Alastair uses his personal experiences and what he learned from other men to teach you how to find, reconnect, and stay connected with both parts of your purpose. Although it may not provide you with all of the answers, it will provoke you to ask yourself the hard questions so you can Discover Your Legacy and Master the Art of Balancing Life!

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About The Author: Alastair Hunte

As a devoted man of God, husband, father and serial entrepreneur, Alastair Hunte is tasked with multiple businesses and roles. Alastair is a Web Development & Print Marketing Strategist, consultant, Body Transformation Coach with Sculptor Body Fitness and podcast co-host.

With over 20 years of web development and experience designing award-winning sites, he helps his clients establish a solid brand to separate them from their competitors. His consulting techniques equip his clients from making common marketing mistakes.

Alastair fuels his passion for health as a Body Transformation Coach where he focuses on nutrition, and more importantly, mental and spiritual health. Serving as a lay ministry leader, Alastair dedicates his time to mentoring and teaching men. As an additional part of his faith-based outreach, he co-hosts 'The Techie and the Cowboy', a podcast where he and his prayer partner, TW Lawrence, explore topics that affect Christian men in their efforts to become better husbands, fathers, and leaders of their families.

Alastair Hunte's primary mission in life is to create the greatest impact as possible. This fuels him to show up every day. He strongly believes a contribution of his legacy is leaving each person that he interacts with just a little bit happier or a tiny bit better. He is most proud of being a superstar husband to Wendy and being an active and present father to three amazing kids.

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